A new and exciting lab at Syracuse University:

Group Photo, Fall 2018

Research in the Franck lab is highly interdisciplinary, but also extremely accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds. We employ a mix of chemical physics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and synthetic tools in order to develop unorthodox spectroscopic techniques that investigate how water interacts with the surfaces of proteins and soft materials. In particular, we specialize in magnetic resonance techniques that communicate with both electron and nuclear spins to probe nanometer-scale structure and dynamics.

The Franck lab is looking for interested graduate students and undergraduate researchers in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, and welcomes any inquiries. Prof. Franck can be contacted by email (jmfranck at syr.edu). Students in the Franck lab will have the opportunity to work with materials or biological systems. In addition, they will gain expertise developing new spectroscopic methods using physics, electronics, and computer programming. Students who capitalize on these opportunities will have a unique and powerful skill-set.