Our lab conducts Overhauser DNP (Dynamic Nuclear Polarization) on liquid state and soft matter systems. This technique is a dual-resonance technique that involves simultaneous excitation of Electron Spin and Nuclear Spin resonances (ESR and NMR).

We implement these technologies to study both biochemical and materials systems, and have therefore built up a full complement of instruments that enable protein expression and purification, in addition to standard synthetic capabilities.

Bruker ELEXSYS-II ESR Spectrometer

Bruker E500 With its SuperX bridge the Bruker ELEXSYS spectrometer offers the latest in digital signal acquisition technology, allowing us to acquire high-quality cw ESR (electron spin resonance) spectra. Crucially, the ELEXSYS also comes equipped with advanced scripting capabilities that synchronize the instrument with our microwave amplifier and NMR spectrometer, allowing us to perform the dual-resonance NMR+ESR experiments that our lab specializes in.

Bridge12 Microwave Amplifier


We have integrated a high-power microwave amplifier built by Bridge12 Technologies to our custom specifications into our ESR spectrometer system. This system, which generates high power microwaves to saturate ESR transitions, also offers communication with automation scripts.

Home-Built NMR Spectrometer

In order to optimize the integration of NMR (nuclear spin resonance) and ESR (electron spin resonance), we wanted to customize the design of our NMR spectrometer, eliminating all but the most essential components. Exceeding our expectations, we have implemented a very minimalistic design. This design currently employs only standard test and measurement components and home-built circuitry, but observes low-frequency low-volume NMR with high signal to noise.

Biochemical Wetlab

A ThermoFisher X1R centrifuge combines with microcentrifuges, incubators, and refrigeration equipment (including the new Stirling Engine -85°C freezer purchased in conjunction with the Mozhdehi an Steinhardt labs) to form a full complement of biochemical tools.